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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Make Money With Your Digital Camera

Would you like to start selling your photography? In this latest version of our guide we'll show you how to build your own freelance photography business.

Photographers Needed Worldwide! 
Sell Your Digital Photos 

Get Paid For Taking Photographs 

Make Money With Your Digital Camera

How would you like to get paid for taking good photos and selling them? That's what this business is all about.
It doesn't matter where you live. Thanks to the Internet freelance photographers are able to work from anywhere in the world.
The life of a photographer is never boring. One week you might be shooting some new images to build up your collection of stock photography. The next you might be working on assignment for a large corporation. And another time you might be shooting photos for a magazine article or travel publication.
In case you haven't already realized, the digital photography industry has been enjoying an explosion in growth, and it is technology that has led this boom. Technology has led to the development and production of millions of advanced digital cameras, and it has also led to growth in the Internet which photographers are using to upload, share and email their photos.
That's also why photography-related sites are being snapped up. Look at a few of these milestones from the past 7 years.
  • 2005: Yahoo acquired Flickr for $30 million.
  • 2007: MySpace acquired Photobucket for $250 million.
  • 2008: Getty agreed to purchase Jupiter (who owned StockXpert) for $96 million.
  • 2009: Shutterstock bought buy BigStockPhoto.
  • 2012: In April, Facebook signed a deal to buy Instagram for $1 billion!

    This is an Excellent Time to Get Into Freelance Photography...and Start Selling Your Photos!

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