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Monday, June 23, 2008

Photography - Creating HDR Image

I use Nikon D40 to take this shot. I've been seeing a lot of HDR image in the net and found it interesting. So i decided to try it on my own by using Photomatix Pro to create HDR image.

See below:

Wonder how i did it using D40. I combine 3 pictures to get this HDR image. To do HDR image, save the shot in RAW format. I only take 1 shot which is using 0 EV for normal shot. Then, i use capture NX2 or photoshop CS3 to adjust the EV setting for overexpose and underexpose which is +2 EV and -2 EV respectively. Then, i combine it using Photomatix pro to create HDR image.
See below.

Try it and you'll like it.