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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nikon Capture NX Overview

Major Features of Capture NX

• U Point™ technology is revolutionary in how it uses Control Points to help realize results envisioned in the editing process. Using NEF files for optimal performance, Control Points allow photographers to select and isolate an entire image or selected areas within the image for enhancement, without the complications required by other photo editing software. Enhancements can be instantly cancelled or added with ease, without compromising the original quality of the image, and U Point control is perfectly compatible with each NEF file’s Instruction Set

• With Color Control Points, a photographer can adjust any of up to nine different sliders for each respective area selected. In the default setting, four sliders are available to adjust size, brightness, contrast and hue, respectively. Additional settings are available by accessing each Control Point’s Settings box.

•Other Control Points include Black and White points, both of which are convenient for setting dynamic range, Neutral Control Point to correct color casts in images even without a gray tone, and Red-Eye Reduction Control Point.

Sophisticated Edit List

• The Edit List is the master control list of Capture NX features and enhancements. Anything that affects an image will have an Edit List entry. Every entry can be removed, altered, or duplicated from this list. Entry and removal of Control Point changes can be accomplished during the initial operation prior to saving the file. For NEF files, the Control Point changes can be changed both before and after saving, JPEG and TIFF changes can only be made prior to saving the file. If additional changes are desired for JPEG and TIFF files, additional Conrol Points can be used on the already modified file.

• The Edit List automatically organizes each entry by Step. During initial editing, one or more Steps can be turned on or off at any time, enabling monitoring and comparing the consequent effect on an image. For NEF files, the steps can be turned on and off even after the file is saved and reopened.

Powerful Image Browser

• Advanced functions of the Capture NX Browser include labeling, sorting and editing.
• Most Capture NX features are accessible via the Browser, for making quick adjustments directly through each image thumbnail, or even on multiple images simultaneously. Images selected among thumbnails can be opened from the Browser into the Editor.

Improved batch processing

• Batch processing automatically applies enhancements to a series of images, and is especially useful for applying a predefined series of adjustments to several images at once.

• Capture NX supports various batch processing methods.

Selective tools

• In response to growing demand among Nikon Capture 4 software users, Capture NX includes valuable new features: choice of positive or negative application of selective tools for enhancements including Brush, Lasso and Marquee (four kinds), Gradient and Fill/Remove.

Color Management control

• The Color Management performance has been reinforced, for advanced control of how colors from an image correspond to colors that a printer can produce. Options for this feature include Perceptual, Saturation, Relative Colorimetric and Absolute Colorimetric.

Advancing the convenience of Nikon Capture 4

• Capture NX inherits advanced functions including Color Aberration Control, D-Lighting, Image Dust Off, Vignette Control and Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image Transformation.

• Improved noise reduction features the latest, most advanced Nikon algorithms. New Distortion Control has been added to reduce pincushion and barrel distortion effects.

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