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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Horizontal or Vertical Photos?

Horizontal or Vertical?

Many photographers never think to turn their cameras on their sides
to capture a vertical image. Horizontal photographs are sometimes
referred to as "landscape," while vertical photos are referred to as

If you are taking a photograph of a single person, then it's
probably a good idea to take it vertically. This will prevent the
person from being surrounded by blank space. Even when you are
shooting actual landscapes, you might find that a vertical view
makes for a more dynamic composition.

Always ask yourself if horizontal or vertical would be better before
you take a photograph. It may be readily apparent, based on your
subject and its surroundings. If it isn't, take one of each shot and
decide which you like better when you see the prints.

1 comment:

Alan Horsager said...

I agree, vertical photos are more of a rarity. Not sure if it's just laziness or the aesthetic of how it looks on the horizontal monitor. I still think there is a lot of opportunity to create good vertical photos: